Saturday, June 6, 2009

This picture I really liked working with, because I really liked the scenery. I started of with going to "Filters" (under Photoshop) then to "Filter Gallery" after that I browsed until I found a filter called "Film Grain" then selected that. Afterward I went to the "Create" tab, then artwork, & text. From there I selected my font and my font size and added it to the upper-left hand corner of my picture. Finally I scaled it and saved it to my computer.
For this picture I wanted it to be scenic and to reflect a sort of a relaxing atmosphere. I basically just cropped it using Photoshop Elements 6, I also adjusted the color settings under Enhance and Adjust Lighting to make it a little lighter than it was before. After I finished it I scaled it and saved it to my computer.
On this picture I wanted to give it a point of view as if you were standing right on the pathway looking at the lake. So when I took my picture I made sure to include it. To give it more of a mood I wanted to convert the picture to black and white. To make the colors convert to that I used the "Convert to Black and White" option under Enhance using Photoshop Elements 6.
This picture to me has more of an adventurous feel. I think that the wideness of the lake gives that sort of allusion. I didn't do to much to it like my others because I like simple photographs rather than really decked-out. On the picture I used the "Crop Tool" on GIMP to cut out any of the uneccesary corners then I scaled it and saved it afterward.

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