Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Portfolio

With this picture I really wanted all the focus to be on the dog from that I just wanted to keep it simple. I also wanted to focus on the light from the sunset on her face to high-light just one side creating sort of a warm feeling. I also took the picture with that background to have the dog not blend and to draw more attention to her. From the beginning, I cropped the picture on the left side using the crop tool on Photoshop Elements 6. Afterward I went to Create, Artwork, Text, and then selected a font style and font size. Once I was finished I scaled the image and saved it to my computer.
On this picture I wanted to give make be an absolute winter in my perspective. I also wanted to make it have a cold like feeling. From that I converted the photo to black and white. Then I lightened the photo, by going under "Enhance" using Photoshop Elements 6. Like a few of my photos I really just wanted to keep it basic to match my ideas so I then scaled it & resized it.

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